Instantly Open MBOX files without Outlook?
In Post we suggest a free tool that quickly open MBOX files without any hassle.
Sometimes, open MBOX files by using another email client come out to be a challenging task as the uses have to move out the conversion process. So know how to open MBOX files without Outlook.Thus, in this article, we will explain to you how to open MBOX files without stress using a perfect free MBOX file Viewer that help to open MBOX file Instantly without any MBOX email client.
Shoviv software launched a free MBOX Viewer tool to simply work with all email programs.This viewer also can recover corrupted MBOX data and open MBOX files. To open MBOX files this free tool supports many email clients. So, there are no complications as Shoviv presents it how to Open MBOX files.
Now conclude that how to open MBOX files without Outlook, Shoviv MBOX Viewer is the greatest tool for that. It comes with decent features and a user-friendly interface.
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